Saturday, August 13, 2016

sWallet MINI : PIN encrypter

Make a Your picture(credit card, pin) safely and convenience with notification.

Many person take and preserve a picture of their real world credit card or pin-number using phone camera for convenience. but this picture has personal information and some picture has financial information for banking.

This pictures of card on the phone are very useful to user but is very vulnerable on the security. Because if you lost your phone, other person could open your picture easily without your phone lock password.

This App. has two main features.

First, it make encoded binary from your private pictures and save to local storage. which binary file was encoded by your phone information.

Second, it make a your picture(for example, security card, credit card or pin-number card) to alarm with notification, then you can use easily mobile banking or other android app with your picture.(security card, credit card and etc.)

Especially, If you want to using mobile banking, do first our App run and activate your card picture.
Secondly run mobile banking App. Just touch top of your phone and drag to down (swipe) in case of need to show your picture.

Thank you for your reading.

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