Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tag Man : NFC tool with A-bean

TagMan :NFC tool with Android-bean

Just touch card or tag , run several action which you were connected before.

For example,

1. tagging for driving mode

When you get on the car, you can easily make your phone for driving.
turn on the bluetooth and play the music with playlist in your phone.

Just some card (or tag) register our App. with run on bluetooth action and play music action both.
And this card put in your car, when you get on the car just tag your phone.

2. tagging for emergency call

Child or handicapped person could make a  phone call by tagging directly.
Maybe parents register their phone number to child's phone with Our App. so child only tag phone to card(tag) that makes a phone call to parents.

3. make a speaking toy

Before the beginning, you need to attach card(tag) to your child's toy secretly. ^^;;
And register your message which will speak. with our App. (Tagman)
Finally Let your child make happy !

4. sleep mode

When you get some sleep, you need to change your phone attribute. because some sound disturb your deep sleep but it make you annoyed sometime.

Just add silent phone mode action  you could save your time every day.

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